SSA Farmer's Kit : Green Houses

SSA farmer's Kit

  • Helps you get more from nature
  • Achieve all season productivity
  • Improve your out put
  • Get Value for money

The SSA Green House

  • Affordable and has low cost maintenance
  • Eco friendly,Strong and long lasting material
  • Has optional gutters for rain water harvesting
  • Has an insect proof net to prevent entry of pests 
  • Has an optional role up mechanism to help control green house temperatures
  • Comes with a drip line irrigation system and a water tank
  • Comes with a nursery set for seedling growth

Our Sales and after sells services

  • Soil testing and analysis
  • Supply and installation of green house structure
  • Installation of a drip line irrigation system 
  • Tailor made training
  • Consultancy and rich extensive agricultural advise

Green house Sizes

  1. 8 x 15 (metres)      120 sqm
  2. 8 x 24 (metres)      192 sqm
  3. 8 x 30 (metres)      240 sqm