Syokimau Soccer Academy(SSA) was founded in December 2010 by coach Maurice Sunguti who is also the academy director assisted by a group of highly trained and experienced honorary volunteers advisory board members at Mt. Sinai CMI School before shifting to the Chief's camp in April 2016. Primarily, the club started with only 5 players aged 12 and below. This approach has since allowed the team to grow from strength to strength and now has over 50 players consisting of boys and girls. SYOKIMAU SOCCER CLUB, SSA brand has grown rapidly in Syokimau and its environs at large. It has established international soccer trips in Uganda, Sweden and Arusha Tanzania and also participated in many local friendly matches country wide in effort to enrich the football experience of its players.

Our Goal

The future of every society lies in the youth population, investing in youth entails building solid foundation for future leaders by maximizing their potensial. Syokimau Soccer Academy realizes that in partnership with the Government and other institutions, young people can be given a chance of making it in life through sports. The management and promoters of Syokimau Soccer Academy believe that young people are rough diamonds, who if well polished shall shine for the whole community


  • To produce players to paly at the highest level by creating a proper educational program.
  • Regulate academic environment ensuring a child is first a student then a player but also ensuring a child is given time and freedom to train.
  • Regulate social environment to protect a child from damaging influences such as drug abuse, violence and crime.
  • Character building and development of human virtues


We know it doesn't just take talent to achieve results, above all you need to be commited, determined, train hard and know to take advice and accept criticism from those who are experienced, family members, team leaders and coaches.


The Community

The envisaged training activities shall re-enforce the spirit of friendship and unity amongst the young people who constitute a very active and volatile section of the population.
The training activities shall be welcomed by local authorities as an antidote against growing rate of crime and drug abuse.

Parental/ Guardian consent

The children are all on the program with parental consent, many parents/guardians appreciate the initiative od the academy.

This is what we call Success

Basically, the club's vision is to build itself and grow to becaome a glodal franchise that nurtures and grow various talents. It would be prudent to note that Syokimau Soccer Academy primarily concentrates on football activities for both male and female. Kenya as a whole enjoys and is most active in football. Therefore, it is important to reach out to as many people through this popular sport. Furthermore, all indicators have been positive as all our members exhibit progressive growth both on and off the field.

Youth Benefits

  • Junior and senior footballers are trained and equipped with basic materials for re-training and career development.
  • Juniors will receive professional care and adequate training from the academy, the training shall reveal more hidden talents in young people not only in Syokimau or around Machakos county, but equally from all parts of the country, Kenya.
  • The training activities shall equally encourage the spirit of competition and especially self challenge in all participants, whose spirit shall build strong personality in them.
  • The coming together of young people from all parts of the country shall forster friendship ties and encourage national intergration that is indispensable in national unity and nation building.

The Academy

  • The academy will succeed in giving chance of self esteem and discovery to young people, which is a resume of our objectives.
  • The academy expect to build lasting ties with various stakeholders with the future of young people may be made bright
  • The academy expects to cause young people to realize that sports can give them a future and above all sports can keep them out of various malpractises
  • The academy program is geared towards physical, moral linguistic and proffessional development of the youthin local, national and international.

Academy Activities

  • Junoir Soccer Coaching - 5-14 years
  • Youth Soccer Coaching - 15 and above
  • Holiday Soccer Games/Tournaments
  • School Based Soccer Coaching
  • international Soccer Trips/Exchange Programs

Our Operations

  • Currently, the club focuses on building and growing players talents through a series of tournaments; both locally and international. It is well known thatevaluating player growth and performance is a vital factor, more so in sports.
  • Therefore, the club uses these tournaments as an evaluation mechanism periodically. All members are provided with a quarterly report that allows the (together with their parents) to identify areas, which need improvement as well as their strong aspect of the game.
  • Since the club's inception, the combination of international tournaments with local tournaments have had a positive impact on the players
  • Furthermore it has been instrumental in helping players identify their suitable positions. In light of this, it crucial in stimulating players, motivation and effort in the sport.
  • The club currently trains in Syokimau, which is in Machakos County (a few kilometers from Nairobi CBD) and has been successful n bringing the community together. This is evident as a substaintial (80%) number of players come from this locale.
  • At the moment, Syokimau Soccer Academy relies on membership fees together with well-wishers to finance their annual activities
  • However, despite the occasional financial woes, the club has been able to compite in lots of tournaments that have seen the academy draw talents from other regions from our surroundings.

Expected outcome

The importance of this project lies in the anticipatedd outcome and benefits would be multi-dimensional.

Future plans

  • To acquire Mini Stadium for SSA.
  • To have a modern and reliable Transport System for the club
  • To secure full scholarship for SSA Activities and programs.
  • To market our players both locally & Internationally and give them opportunity to play proffessional football.

Club Structure

Technical Team

Core Challenges

Training facilities

  • The club is always trying to provide its members with the ideal training environment howerver, attaining these facilities and instruments are challenging.
  • In light of this the club has laid out a plan that progressively aims at acquirening these instruments in the short term and long term. The training ground we use is leased to us the community chief after struggling to find a suitable locaton and our activites being haulted by private developers.
  • Hence, it is fundamental that Syokimau Soccer Academy to build standard training facilities that meet the merit in Europe and other developed nations. Realizing this aspect is significant because it will place the club in an ideal position as a pipeline for football talent in the developed leagues.
  • Some of the sports academies we strive to compete with within Africa are such as Ajax Cape Town (South Africa), TP Mazembe (Congo) and Tanzania's Azam FC. These clubs manifest that Syokimau Football Academy's concept is achievable and beneficial to the football world.
  • However, for future growth and development, it is neccessary that the coaches acquire the available licenses. Therefore, mitigating these challenges enables the club to be on course of being prosperous as far as producing the best talent in the region (Africa) is concerned.

Journey of transformation

Our training ground.